Yoga Burn Challenge Review

Try This 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge

Yoga Burn is a completely unique fitness challenge for women aiming to experience the amazing benefits of yoga while also being able to get into shape by burning calories and effectively managing their weight.

Yoga Burn is a challenging fast-paced routine that uses the tried and tested principle of Progression which helps women tone up and trim down without having to use any gym or exercise equipment in order to get fit.

Thousands of different women from different countries and backgrounds across the world followed this exact same Yoga Burn exercise routine and have succeeded in it.

The secret of this program “Yoga Burn” lies in the successful concept of Dynamic Sequencing, which is how you will learn to apply the proper way to perform each exercise movement then continue on to adapt then elevate its challenge in the precise moment when your body has already gotten used to the routine.

This is a unique 3-phase program that will guide you through a series of videos designed in a way that will keep you guessing what is next; thus, you don’t at all get bored and your body doesn’t hit a plateau.

The videos lengths are 45 minutes each and you can do them anytime, anywhere. It is highly recommended that you complete at least three videos per week and (optionally) one bonus video. If you can, you are encouraged to do this bonus video lesson, as it focuses on how to increase your self-confidence, emotional wellness, and overall happiness.

Phase One: The Foundational Flow

The first phase is called such because it refers exactly to what you will be building here: A solid Foundation. These first four weeks of foundational yoga flow is designed for you to learn the building blocks of maintaining a strong yoga practice and, of course, how to begin shaping long, lean muscles as you continue to have fun in the program. Beginners as well as advanced students alike can benefit from the phase’s set of unique sequences. You will learn the ways to execute proper body form and how to build strong “mind-to-body” connection so you can command the muscles you need in moving on to the more challenging phases of the program. This initial foundational phase is key for you to progress through the next stages effectively and safely.

Phase Two: The Transitional Flow

The second phase teaches you how to apply the moves you learned in Phase 1, combining them into a smooth flow so you can get your heart rate up and burn calories. By this time, you are already expected to be completely comfortable with the basic movements and ready to utilize your large muscle groups, the focus of the second phase. The three workout videos in this phase are: the Upper body, the Lower Body, and lastly the Core. In these videos, you will learn how to work on your transitions as you move from one pose on to the next. Linking yoga poses smoothly feels so great it’s like doing a moving meditation that allows your mind to focus on the present moment while also getting in shape.

Phase Three: The Mastery Flow

It’s time to kick things up a notch and combine everything you’ve learned from the previous phases into a burning sequence designed to rev up your metabolism and dramatically transform your body in ways you never even thought possible with yoga. This phase’s videos are laid out slightly differently than the previous ones, as it has more repetition to the poses to encourage your designated muscle to fatigue. The videos will also guide your through a sequence of upper and lower body combination movements, designed to get the most workout done in the least amount of time. It’s targeted muscles will finally get you that attractive 8 hourglass body figure you’ve been aiming for. Phase 3 spices things up, reenergizing and reinvigorating your mental focus as you fully maximize your weight loss.

First, with Yoga Burn, you won’t have to go to a group class anymore and you can do all the videos at your own pace anywhere you want.

Yoga Burn is especially designed to meet the challenges and needs of all everyday women who want to lose weight, shape up, and experience the wonderful benefits of a professionally made progressive yoga weight loss program. Yoga Burn is a special kind of yoga that not just delivers exceptional body shaping effects but also maximizes your fat burning results all in the shortest span of time possible. The strategic movements built into the program have a sole purpose of making it utterly unique from any other type of yoga class available, period.

Not to worry. Yoga Burn is developed to suit all women of all kinds and fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. Its Dynamic Sequencing principle helps ensure that you learn the basics of each yoga pose first, then guides you in progressing to the more challenging poses, all in an effective and efficient way.

In case that you still find the workouts too challenging, the videos offer plenty of customization options so you can adjust each movement according to your current level of fitness. Best of luck!

This program is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase.